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We are a Hertfordshire/Luton-based band playing both traditional and original Irish music. We have played gigs all over England, Ireland and Canada, boast three All-Ireland champions amongst our line-up and have won international awards.


Willow’s Drum

Willows Drum are singer/songwriters

Lyz Le Fay and Mark Barnard

Their beautiful sound will add a wonderful atmosphere to the Faerie Festival


There will be a great variety of entertainment and things for all the family to do from games, fancy dress, demonstrations, live music, stalls to buy from and so much more, select a category below to see more about what will be available on the day


A Faerie Festival would not be complete without music, we will have live acts performing at various times throughout the day. A full schedule and planner will be available closer to the event date but until then please see below for the a taste of some of the performances we have lined up for you.


We have many activities running throughout the day, again more details will be provided on these closer to the event on the planner but to give you a taste as to why the whole family (and of course invite your friends too) should come out for the day and enjoy our Faerie Festival please see below some of the fun and treats we have in store for you.

Come along to wizardry woods and see where the faerie`s live and play, Keech Cottage will be holding a stall and will be raising money for the local Adult and children`s hospice. The trees will be adorned will ribbons and butterflies. Visit the labyrinth and see where it leads you…… visit the wishing the tree where you can write out a wish or healing message and attach it to the tree for the Faerie`s to collect and grant your wishes.

Fancy yourself as an up and coming Harry Potter? Or maybe a Hermione Granger? You will need to use all your daring and skills when you join in the fun and try your luck in our treasure hunt. This is no ordinary treasure you seek either. Your quest will be to find the Faery Queens ruby ring.  Follow the clues, in careful measure to discover the shiny treasure. Great fun for all the family.

Tickets will be available on the day for you to enter our raffle.

You can buy as many as you want and a list of prizes and winners will be made available.

The prizes will be varied full details about prizes, drawer times etc. will be on the day planner.

Are you are BUDDING Faerie, angel or pirate then enter our fancy dress competition , 3 categories open to all mystical creatures in the following age brackets:

0-12’s then 13-16’s and finally Adult. There will be a prize for each category

Step into the Mystic Lair and you will find a whole host of amazing people to see you. There are too many to list here so


about the talented people who will see you at the festival. You will find Physic mediums, Palmists and Tarot Readers Clairvoyants, Angel Card Readers Angel Therapists, Reiki Healers and more.

While at  the festival we hope you will take advantage of our enchanted village. Here you can buy many wonderful items from Hand Made Items, Holistic Crafts, Shamanic Goods, Runes, Candles, Crystals and of course lots of Faeries and Mystical Items.


#music #activities #enchantedvillage DEMONSTRATIONS

We will be bringing you quite a packed event and again, closer to the festival a programme will be available but below are examples of the demonstrations we will have to show you and more besides:

Mediumship Demo with Phil Griggs  

Phil will be giving a Medium- ship Demonstration, come along and you may receive a message

from your loved ones. Phil is an International Psychic Medium Tarot & Palmist.

Gonging With Julie

Come and meet Julie and experience the beautiful sound of the Gong as it resonates around the yurt, bringing peace and tranquillity.

Brett Shamanic Flute Demonstration

Join us for the sounds of the Shamanic Flute played by Brett, this amazing sound is so uplifting and allows you to relax and connect with the Native American energies.

Working Forge

Neil is A Farrier by trade, he has his own forge at his parents house, but when working with the horses Neil works from his van with his mobile forge.

Neil has created some wonderful art out of horseshoes old and new. He has also made some amazing pieces included fire baskets, fire pits from practical to the ornate, also wine, shoe racks and fire pokers.

He is very talented and will be demonstrating his craft here at the Faerie Festival making faerie doors and pokers.


Specialising in taking in injured birds of Prey, you will meet some lovely owls at the event. The Sanctuary relies on donations only to fund their veterinary bills and your support will be greatly appreciated as the will showcase the birds for your pleasure

Sonia Healing Meditation

Sonia will be holding a Healing Meditation, bringing in the healing energies for a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Her passion is working with spirit and teaching development groups, sharing the different energies that spirit bring to us every day…I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and healer and run weekly meditations & development groups. At the festival I will be holding a guided healing meditation so please come along and join in…everybody welcome ( NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 14`S) Even if you haven’t meditated before come and relax in the lovely yurt.

Out side the Yurt we have other demonstrations going on, this also includes a working Forge:

Imajica Theatre Company

Meet two Imajica theatre company faeries. As you enjoy the day you will probably meet these two lovely Faeries as they interact with the crowd.There will be other activities on the day too!

Zoe Alexandre xenofontos

Zoe Alexandre xenofontos will be entertaining us on the day too.

Zoe Alexandre xenofontos is a singer and songwriter.

We are very excited to hear her sing

Shamanic Quest & workshop with Melanie Tomsett


Shamanic Quest and Workshops will be available in the Tippee provided by the wonderful Melanie Tomsett

Crystal workshop with Cosmic Realms  

Enjoy a workshop with Cosmic Realms who specialise in World Crystals with healing properties & magical mineral Shungite, which have incredible healing energies.