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Early in the year 2016, my good friend, Janice approached me and asked me if I would like to join her  and hold a Mystic Faerie Festival together…and here we are today organising the festival for July and we are loving everyminute of it…


In the process we have met new people and have found some very talented people with all different gifts and crafts……..we are very excited about this Mystic Faerie Festival…

I have always been interested in all spiritual aspects from an early age…and from the age of nine noticed that when I thought of something it often happened or came true. I am now 49 and am still developing.  I teach Reiki and Spiritual Development Groups on a weekly basis.

I am also a qualified Holistic Therapist in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Energy Healing & Time Line Therapy. I manage and run development workshops, development circles, Clairvoyant Evenings, Drumming, Healing & Meditation evenings. Some of which are held in the Yurt at The Clophill Centre.

But most of all I would like you to join myself and Janice on the 8th July 2017 for a wonderful day and help us support our chosen charities….. thank you love Sonia xxxxxx

I have known my lovely friend Sonia for a long time now and when thoughts of the Mystic Faerie Festival started to manifest in my head, I couldn't think of any one else I would rather work with other than my friend Sonia.

I have always known and believed in spirit from an early age. My grandmother was very in tune with the spirit world and nature, so I grew up developing my

skills with her knowledge.

I have in the past run two

spiritual shops and have done

various spiritual fairs, along the

way continuing to grow and

develop as a healer and reader.

Today, I teach  Rahanni and

Reiki and also give Rahanni

and Reiki treatments.

I read Tarot/Oracle cards

and also hold psychic development

and healing groups at my home in Lilley

We hope to see You at the Festival.


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